Frequently Asked Questions

1. How will the final output of the design be?

Our designer tool will help you print in two formats- JPEG as well as PDF format. All the outputs are in 300 DPI which is the best for printing and is highly preferred. If you would like to have it in formats other than JPEG or PDF, we can surely arrange it for you.

2. Would we be given the source code?

No, we do not provide the source code of the online designer application. You will get the swf and all related PHP, HTML and CSS files along with database to properly run the application on your server without any hassle.

3. What kind of image is it supported with?

Our online designer tool application supports JPEG, PNG and GIF image format.

4. What are the server requirements?

The server requirement is given below:

5. Are the files stored configurable?

Yes, the files stored on your server are configurable with the help of the administrative panel.

6. Do I need to supply the fonts?

We provide a plethora of fonts for your choice. If you would like to use your own fonts, we would be glad to add it for you.

7. Are there any hidden charges?

No, there are no hidden charges.

8. Will you give technical support for the product?

Yes, for the first 30 days, we will provide you technical training as well as support for the product.

9. Can I use single software for all for all types of products?

No, since many of the products use different printing technologies and concepts that are not the same, you need to have different design tools for different products. You have to understand that there are an unlimited number of products to be customized. That is the reason why using a single software for all these products is not possible.

10. Will you install it on my server?

Yes, we would be glad to install the designer tool on your server.

11. How long does it take to install the designer software tool on our server?

It takes less than a day usually. But if there are some occasions where there can be issues with the server settings and requirements which might drag time for both of us. But we can assure you that it will not exceed more than 4 days.

12. Can I integrate the designer tool with a payment gateway?

We have already integrated the online designer tool with PayPal Basic, PayPal Pro, and Authorize. Net as well as offline bank transfer. If you would like to have any other payment gateway model along with the online designer tool, we would be glad to help you with it.

13. Is your software white labeled? Can we include our logo on the software after we buy it from you?

No, our software is not white labeled. We can offer you white labeled software only if you have bulk orders.

14. Do you do website designing, development and ecommerce websites as well?

Yes, we offer complete web designing, web development, ecommerce integration as well. You can visit our website at

15. Can your online designer tool be integrated with any shopping cart?

Yes, our software can be integrated with any technology and shopping cart.

16. Is it possible for us to show only what we desire to show in the preview section?

Yes, you can customize it as much as you want and even create a customized version of your software.

17. Just a onetime payment or I have to pay monthly or annually?

No, you are going to pay only once. There are no monthly or annual charges for the software.

18. Will the designer tool application be my property or is it on rent?

You get the license to use this designer tool lifetime. We do not ask for any revenue from the sales or nor do you have to pay any monthly or annual fees.

19. Does the designer tool come with technical support?

Yes, we do provide free technical support for a period of 30 days.

20. Can I use the design tool for multiple websites?

Yes, you can absolutely use it for any number of websites. But you have to buy a license for each website.

21. Can I see a demo version of the designer tool?

Request a demo from our website and we will send you the demo credentials for testing.

22. Is the designer tool compatible with all hosting companies?

Our software has been designed such that it works on all web hosting companies.

23. This tool works on how many domains?

You get complete license property of the software. You can buy as many licenses as you want. If you want to run on more domains, you would have to buy two licenses from us. In case you are interested in buying many licenses, we would be glad to offer you discount.

24. What are the terms and conditions for payment?

You just need to pay upfront advance of 20% depending upon the project in hand, and the rest can be paid when the software is ready.

25. Can I make payments of my choice?

You should request for the type of payment that you want to make and we will try the best to provide you the payment method of your choice.

26. I would like to know the technology that is used for your online designer tool?

The technologies that we have used for design4prints designer tool is Adobe Flex along with Action Script 3, PHP, MySQL for an interactive web store. It has been built in the MVC architecture.

27. Can I add my own fonts to the tools gallery?

Our online designer tool is equipped with the options to add, edit or delete the existing gallery. You have to use the administration side of the tool.

28. Is it possible for my customers to add their own images when they design their own products?

Yes, users can upload their own designs or images as well other than the clipart images that we provide.

29. Can I integrate this tool to my website which exists already or can it be integrated only into a new one?

Yes, absolutely you can do it.

30. Can it be integrated with a .NET website?

Yes, sure you can do it.

31. Can it be integrated on all shopping carts?

Yes, we have designed our online designer tool in such a way that you can integrate the website on all open source shopping carts.

32. Is it compatible with Mac, iPhone, iPad?

It is compatible with Mac but it doesn’t work with iPhone and iPad since our tool has been built with the flash technology and iPhone and iPad doesn’t support flash.

33. I have a website where my target customers are multi-cultural and I would like to know whether the tool supports multiple languages.

Yes, our software is available in multiple languages.

34. I would like to have even more specifications; can you do it for me in the designer tool?

Yes, we do have the technical skill and caliber to create a custom based online application designer tool just for you.

35. Does the designer tool support multi-colored clip art?

Yes, it supports.

36. Does it have the option of rotating clip art images?

Yes, you can surely use the tool to rotate things like clipart, images or text.

37. Do I need to have an additional server for your designer tool?

No, we can integrate into the same server that you are using for your website.

38. Will the designer tool support all browsers?

Yes, our designer tool application is compatible with all browsers.

39. What should I do if I am finding it difficult to use your designer tool?

Do not worry as we will be providing you detailed user manuals and training videos which will help you understand to use it.

40. Do you charge any fee for installation of the software?

No, we do not charge any fee.